Welcome to Moogies Media, we produce great content for your media channels, the world of media is changing, we have access to so many avenues of communicating with potential clients, sponsors and suppliers, but how do you do it effectively, and everybody asks, is it out of my price range.

There is no doubt you can spend endlessly on video, or use that marketing budget on a photographer, or you can take the media yourself on your smart phones, but how do you want to portray your business or event? How do you want to be seen in the market place, as someone who has spent a lot of money for one piece of media? Do you want to be known as someone who just used their phone for some footage that you can’t make out what is happening?

Here at Moogies Media, we position ourselves where we make it affordable to have the material you need at an affordable price, and effective channels. Charging purely for our onsite and editing time, we bring our equipment, gather lots of footage material, and use it where you need it and where people can see it.

We also ensure we give your channels maximum exposure as you can see from our Channel guide page, just click on the links to see how we portray our customers. Sometimes, the simplest of things will bring you referrals, yes, the shiny stuff is great, but clients want to know what you can do for them.

We hope you enjoy our website, feedback is always gratefully received, and if you are looking for effective contact at a cost-effective price, then we are your solution, contact us today.